Backpack Giveaway!

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Our mission is to give back.. This pandemic has a taught us so much and any chance we get we want to share that with others. There are a fair amount of opportunities out there right now however not everyone is afforded the same opportunities. We want to help. We will be giving away 50(+) backpacks by August 31st with your help!! If you have the means to do so, please consider donating. Whether it be an item, a backpack or money, you can do so here. We appreciate each one of you. No donation is too small (or too big for that matter).  Make a donation here and send us your nominee(s) with their story, child(dren's) grade level and watch & see!! Hopefully your nominee gets the $1k Backpack! That’s right!! One of the backpacks will have $1,000 in it!


If you would like to mail a donation in, please send to

13740 Midway Rd STE 528H Dallas TX 75244. 

Once you have donated, send an email to with your nomination and the child(ren's) grade levels. Catch your deserving person on our Youtube channel between now and August 31st!!


We see it. Clearly. We see the community showing up for 50 students and their families to help elevate their lives!

Supplies Needed:

- 50 Backpacks (Boys, Girls, Unisex)

- #2 Pencils

- Glue sticks

- Lined paper

- Calculators

- Highlighters

- Washable Markers

- Hand sanitizer

- Zippered pencil bag

- Scissors

- Tissue

- 3 ring binders

- Pens (red, blue, black ink)

- Crayons

- Wet Wipes

- Index cards



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